NBM-4 (Bolt Jointed Copper Busbar System)

NBM-4 (Bolt Jointed Copper Busbar System)

DSL Conductor bar – track are super finished and cross section is maintained to achieve required ampere. The material for track is Copper. Conductors shall be accurately aligned to ensure positive electrical contact between current collector and the conductor. Separate conductors shall be provided for each phase. Insulation cover shall be rigid PVC. Range of Ampere available with the material of Copper.
Copper : 400 Amp. to 1200 Amp.

Brand"NBM" Make.
TypeBolt Jointed Type Heavy Duty Bus Bar
Conductor MaterialCOPPER
Insulation TypePVC (IP35)
Ampere CapacityCOPPER : 400 to 1200 Amp.
Maximum Voltage440V
Pole Type1 Pole : Individual.
Jointer TypeBolt Jointed Type
Standard Length4.0 Mtr. (4000mm) or 4.5 Mtr. (4500mm)
Mounting Bracket Distance Pitch1500 mm
Accessories Includes
Hanger Clamp1 Pole : Per Mtr. 4 Nos.
JointerBus bar Jointer is required to Joint 2 bus bars of Standard length of 4.5 Mtr. Or 4 Mtr. to make a long travel up to required distance.
Joint CoverJoint cover is used to cover each joint.
End CapEnd Cap is used to cover DSL ends on either side. That is required one for one Bar/phase.
End Power FeedFor DSL system that is powered from ends, "End power feed" is required for Power supply to whole Bus bar system. That is required separately for each phase.

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